In between thought and action, there is a gap where time seems to stretch out impossibly. It is the space between what we want to do, and what actually gets done.

There is thinking, and there is thinking about doing. Planning, organizing, making a list of things to do, making a list of things that you need to make a list for - arguably, these can all be worthwhile and often necessary endeavours.

In that space where we are waiting to begin, time continues to morph into larger and slower chunks, while actions somehow become smaller, more tedious and seemingly infinite. Is it time wasted, or time grown?

The action that inevitably comes out of such deliberation is often the better for all that careful planning. Things will eventually grow up around you as you sit contemplating them.

In this series, chairs become time pieces themselves. Worn on a watch chain, these pocket chairs remind us of the delicate futility of sitting and marking time.